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So, some of you may have noticed, our forum kind of...exploded.

After working on it off-and-on for a few days, I've been unable to get it back up. Sadly, even if I DID get it back up on our server, we did lose our data due to a server crash.

So! I have made a new, off-site forum!… :D

Come and check it out! Still not up at 100%, but we're getting there :D
Hey guys, we're alive! I promise!

Let's just say I'm really bad at keeping this up to date. Whoops. But! We have a lot of updates and we're working on things, I swear!

First off, we lost Deja as Mercury, but we gained Maddie in her place (no DA account that I know of ). Please welcome her! We also did a show last year at Glass City Con; you can view it on our website,! It's not the big villain show we promised, and due to circumstances, we probably won't be able to put it on until 2016 :crying:

But! Never fear, for it just means we have more time to work on it! :evillaugh:

We will be attending Glass City Con this August! While we won't be putting on a show, we will host our usual panels and our Learn to Dance panel! Come and check is out :heart:

The website has also been updated. Yey!

That's it for now! Hopefully I'll be better about remembering to update this...
Hey guys! Long time no talk! We had a blast at Ohayocon, and our Sera Myu panel was a big hit! But, I'm not here to talk about that.

I'm here to happily announce that we have a new cast member! Everyone please welcome Deja to the group, in the role of Sailor Mercury! I'm very excited to have her!

Check our website soon for her profile and the video from our Sera Myu panel!
Alright guys, we have lots of new stuff for you!

First of all, a new website layout has been updated! You can see our website here: ! It features all five of the Sera Myu Sailor Moon actresses now! We're all very excited about the new musical, and hope more will appear! I've also updated some bio's here and there, and added our known conventions we will be attending in 2014! Exciting, yes?

Also, we have some big casting announcements. First off, everyone welcome :iconreeness: back to the role of Sailor Uranus! We now have a full Outer's cast! :iconharukalaplz:

However, with it I have some sad news. :icontokutenshi:, our first Sailor Mars, will no longer be in the group. :iconsongofamazon: has also stepped down from the role of Sailor Astatre, as she currently lives in Japan, but will be retained as an honorary member. So those two roles are now open.

That's all I have for now! Stay tuned for more site updates <3
I've mentioned this on several places (DA and LJ) that there would be a future announcement regarding the group.

I am happy to say that it's time to reveal it

Here is a video simply stating it, recorded at our Sera Myu panel at Ohayocon:

That's right! The next show we're going to be doing is a VILLAIN SHOW! It's going to be all villains, all villain songs, all the time. Woot! We hope to be presenting at Colossalcon this year, but as I am still waiting to hear back from them, that is still up in the air. I will be posting more info as it evolves!

Thank you!

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